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Kangaroo is a company that have commitment to develop a product that can fulfill a safety and cleanliness requirement. Every parents also have that same commitment for their kids and family, especially when their kids is dealing with School and National Exam. In order to accompany the... More
Kangaroo Indonesia, 2015 and Now
Jakarta (VNA) 2017 – Kangaroo Indonesia, Vietnamese leading producer of household appliance, plans to make strong investment in Indonesia as this is a potential market with increasing demands for top-quality commodities, as said by General Director of Kangaroo Group, Nguyen Thanh Phuong,... More
misty fan dirumah
In hot summer lasting more or less 6 months all year round, a misting fan can be your best friend. It works on the same principle of a cooling humidifier. A fan blows a fine mist of water into the air and if the air isn’t humid, the mist evaporates, taking heat from the air with it. This ... More
choose misty fan
To struggle against the heat from 33 to 35 Degree Celsius, many people choose the cooling-down solution by additional equipping mist-spray fan for their home. Today, Kangaroo Technician expert will share some tips in choosing the best misting fan, some people say misty fan product. Misty... More
Customers nation-wide jostle for chance to buy Kangaroo cookware set for only 9,000 dong!
With only 9,000 dong, you can own a hi-class yellow plated cookware set from Kangaroo which is certified by testing agencies to be the appliance capable of preventing cancer due to corrosion inside cookware. This is the outstanding feature to protect health that Kangaroo Group has prided... More